The Fantasy Doctor App

How to Play

Learn how to play and win in just a few simple steps!

Pick your Event

The home screen has a list of all upcoming and live events.
There are two game formats:


Cash format. You can invest as much or as little cash as you want. Your profit or loss is determined by the change in the value of the shares you own. Think like a poker cash game.


Tournament format. Buy in to the contest for a set entry fee, and every user receives the same number of chips to start. At the end of the contest, users are ranked by their number of chips, and paid out accordingly.

Check the Payouts

Share Valuations

Players are ranked by fantasy points accumulated at the end of the contest. Shares of each player are then assigned a value based on how the player finished. Look through payouts for each rank to determine how much you’d like to bid for your favorite players. Check out each player card for stats on previous games, trading activity, and more. Just like with stocks, think about which players you believe will be undervalued.

Trade with Users

IPO Process

Before the games, bid on shares of your favorite players. You will be notified if another user bids more than you and steals your shares. There are a limited number of shares in each player, so more popular players will get expensive. 30 minutes prior to the first game, the IPO will close and shares are released to the highest bidders.

During Games

Share prices are determined in real-time by other users. Once the games start, you can buy and sell shares of any player. If you see a star player underperforming in the first half, maybe you want to try to buy low on that player and hope they turn it around in the second half. A backup player you own has an 80 yard touchdown? See if you can unload that player and lock in a profit, or let it ride and see how high he can climb in the rankings.

Player screens will show trading activity, on-field performance, and any news updates, so be sure to read up on your players!

Get Paid Out

Winnings to Brag About

When the contest ends, shares get paid out based on final rankings.

If the shares you own are worth more than what you paid, the you win money. If the shares are worth less, then you lose money. It’s that simple!

If you are in a Contest format, top places are paid out based on the number of chips.