Getting Started

Getting started

Learn how to play and win in just a few simple steps!


At the end of the games, each player share pays out based on final rankings. Think about where you expect a player to finish, and see the corresponding payout to know how much you should bid.

You can also click on any player image and bring up the ValuCalculator to view payouts based on each ranking and returns based on their current price.

Player Profile

View current points, projected points, and live price for each player. Below the live price is the “breakeven rank”, or the rank where this player would have to finish to pay out his live price.

Click on the player and swipe up to view more details, such as open bid and ask pricing, scoring details, news, game logs, and more.


When the event opens, users bid on players during the IPO (Initial Player Offering) phase. IPO prices update in real-time, and IPO closes shortly before the games begin. When the IPO closes, shares are distributed to the highest bidders.

Note you don’t need to invest all your chips during the IPO. You can keep some reserved to buy shares from other users once the event goes live.

Make sure you have notifications turned on so you can see when you are outbid for shares, or when another user accepts your trade offers!

Live Trading

Buy and sell shares of players with others in REAL TIME while the games are happening. In-game pricing is 100% driven by user activity. Prices update live based on new buy and sell offers, and recently completed trades. Trading is open until the end of the last game.

Once the games have ended and scoring is final, prices will update to final valuations based on player rankings. Users are then ranked by final chip count and paid out according to the Prizes tab.

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