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The ultimate sports app with news, notifications, and expert injury analysis!

TFD is the ultimate sports app! News, expert analysis and injuries for NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL all in one app. Complete with real-time notifications for breaking news, daily injury reports, and even videos discussing recent injuries by real orthopedic doctors. Perfect for avid sports fans and a must-have for fantasy sports enthusiasts. No politics, no BS, just SPORTS!!!


Get up to the minute breaking news, including Injuries and last minute scratches with our advanced notification system that is sport specific.


Daily injury reports written by orthopedic-trained physicians providing important detailed analysis right at your fingertips. 


Ever want to be able to follow all of the beat writers from your favorite team? Well now you can!


Imagine collecting all of the top fantasy experts and separating them by sport? We did it for you.


All sports, all the time. If something happens in one of the 4 major sports in America, you will hear about it. Never miss any sports news ever again!


Remove all the non-sports content from Twitter and you have the TFD app. It’s simply brilliant!!!


Thousands of news reporters, industry experts, betting, medical staffs all filtered by their sport and their areas of specialty (News, Beat Writers, Fantasy Experts, Injury)

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